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About us

North East region is linguistically and culturally very distinct from the other states of India. A large number of the inhabitants speak Tibeto-Burman languages and have cultural similarities with South-East Asia. The region is known for its unique culture, handloom and Handicrafts, martial arts, and scenic beauty- which are still unexplored… with lush green valleys, lofty mountains and cascading rivers. They’re home to an extraordinary range of flora and fauna-whose natural beauty awaits the travelers looking for something different. Along with the west coast of India, this region has some of the Indian sub-continent’s last remaining rain forests. 

Nature has been extra generous in endowing the place with all the natural beauties-be it scenic beauty, wild life, the ethnic tribes, the rich culture and distinctive traditions.

There is variety in the region - be it the Himalayan Shangrila of Sikkim, where orchids bloom on the hillside or the plains of Assam - tea country and producer of more than half of India's petroleum.

Experience sunrise in Arunachal Pradesh, the first part of India to greet the morning sun or explore the princely traditions of Tripura, the second smallest Indian State.

Discover the tribal crafts and culture of Nagaland or take home exquisite bamboo and cane souvenirs from Mizoram.
Enjoy the marionette-like Manipuri Dance of the Land of the Jewels, Manipur or just relax the sylvan surroundings of the Abode of the clouds, Meghalaya.

North east of India  still remain to be discovered by the outside world. Its for you to explore …….

Our Strength

0ur sightseeing tours and excursions are specially designed to get you under the surface of our fascinating region. Discovering the tourists areas in the region may be difficult so we suggest you let us guide you to the special places we know so well.

We at SEVEN SISTERS HOLIDAYS with more than 15 years of experience in the field of tourism can assure you of our professional expertise in handling your groups for the region. Our motto being SERVE BETTER FOREVER…we believe in providing utmost care for satisfaction of the visitors. The company is owned and managed by qualified professionals having years of experience in all facet of tourism-having its own offices in Imphal & Guwahati and representatives in all the north eastern states